Worldpanel Division of TNS has chosen BristolReport software solution to deliver worldwidly global consumer panels information to its customers, manufacturers and distributors.

The new offering called “Pilot” includes tools for analysis and reporting.

Present in France under the brand TNS Secodip division of TNS Group specializes in the measurement of consumer behavior, delivers its information panels to more than 300 clients. Available from January 2006, the new Pilot offers developed by TNS Worldpanel with BristolDecision, relies on technology BristolReport, a leading software solution for designing and deploying dashboards.

Designed to facilitate, simplify and leverage the use of data from consumer panels, Pilot consists of two tools: Pilot Database, a tool for analyzing the data (database associated with the software BristolReport) and Pilot Reports, reporting application.

Pilot puts the user in his favorite working environment, Excel spreadsheet, to which adds features from the expert panel of consumer TNS Worldpanel. This new international offering, allows all clients users better manage the complexity consumer data, to analyze and compare information on similar grounds.

Among the new features of Pilot Reports include the control key indicators of the brand, such as penetration, consumption levels and loyalty, the overall target consumer or brand, and benchmarking with competing brands.

For Pascal Avignon, CEO of TNS Secodip: “This initiative was highly anticipated by our customers who want to access our information in the best ergonomics and speed in a software environment that is familiar to them at the lowest cost. Placing on the market of Pilot fits into this threefold approach.

TNS Worldpanel selected BristolDecision for three main reasons: the adequacy of the software features versus the need of its customers, the Microsoft Office environment and finally the flexibility and responsiveness of the software publisher. Pilot Offer is part of a partnership that will allow further developments.

The choice made by TNS Worldpanel, with the aim to meet the needs of all its customers, shows the BristolDecision advanced software solution in the global market of analysis and reporting solutions. It is for us an extraordinary opportunity in France to equip all companies in the consumer products industry, but also an excellent springboard for expanding our international market. Finally, it is certain that the ease of implementation of BristolReport will want other users to extend Pilot to other areas such as inside sales, logistics, budget preparation,“says François Koukerdjinian, BristolDecision CEO.

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