Specialist welfare chooses BristolReport.

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, simple and innovative, announces a partnership with SNEW, service company and publisher of a turnkey solution for social protection. SNEW distributes and integrates BristolReport offers now as a tool for reporting and multidimensional analysis in the social protection software, P & W (Pension & Welfare).

Founded in 2002, SNEW wants to equip its P & W software of an ergonomic and dynamic reporting tool, which gives autonomy and responsiveness to users. After an overview of available tools, SNEW chooses BristolReport the solution of BristolDecision. « Our users wanted to be able to build relationships that extend our tool of social protection, P & W. We were completely charmed by the BristolReport offers both Microsoft-compatible, such as ours, with the same flexibility as our offer in the Excel environment favorite of our customers,« explains Sébastien Brouck, Commercial Director of SNEW.

SNEW hopes to benefit from prestigious BristolDecision references (L’Oréal, Crédit Agricole, AXA, Givenchy, Renault, Castorama …) to open its market to large accounts.

In turn, BristolDecision is pleased to set his solution of a new business expertise: « Social protection is a growing market and we are proud to add this field to the list the many uses of BristolReport. » Says Sales and Marketing Director at BristolDecision.

BristolDecision is already present in the food, bank, pharmacy and cosmetics, automotive, distribution, industry and the media.

In April 2005, BristolDecision decided to strengthen its partners program to accelerate the growth of its sales through system integrators and consulting firms, and thus be able to concentrate on its core business software company.

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