Renault Europe Automobiles uses BristolDecision for its Accounting and Human Resources Reports.

With BristolReport, even personnel with little IT experience can create reports in Excel and publish them online using Reporting Services.

Renault Europe Automobiles is the number one automobile distribution group in Europe, accounting for 22% of Renault’s total sales.  Its mission is to distribute the Renault Group’s brands (Renault, Nissan, Dacia) in large European metropolitan areas and develop a strong, dedicated distribution network designed to last.  As the number one automobile products and services distributor, Renault Europe Automobiles, employs 14,600 people in 275 facilities across Europe.

In 2003, two user requests were sent to the Operating and Technical Projects Department:

  • The Renault Europe Automobiles Accounting Department wanted to have dynamic reports showing outstanding invoices.
  • The Human Resources Department wanted to be able to create monthly reports as well as the personnel report for Renault France Automobiles.

After considering multiple solutions, BristolDecision’s BristolReport solution was selected.  Perfectly scaled for the size of the two projects, its simple Excel interface meets the needs of computer beginners and its capacity to integrate multidimensional OLAP cubes created in Microsoft Analysis Services satisfies technical needs.  ”We need a simple tool to aid users in making their own reports and distributing information.  The fact that BristolReport integrates seamlessly into Microsoft’s Business Intelligence portal was a real factor in our decision” explains Arnaud Vivian, Project Manager for the Operating and Technical Projects Department .

BristolReport runs directly in Excel, with a BristolReport tool bar adding to the spreadsheet’s functionalities.  BristolReport’s extensive functionalities not only allow access to multidimensional OLAP cubes linked to complex SQL databases, but also help easily define new indicators and select, sort and format information.  “BristolReport allows dynamic reports to be created “to order” better than any other solution.  The all important connection between users and project has been obtained due to BristolReport’s flexibility” declares Marc Serruau, Project Manager for the Operating and Technical Projects Department.

Because of BristolReport, outstanding accounting items  become accessible on Reporting Services.  For Financial and Accounting Managers, the dynamic reports replace static reports previously sent via e-mail.  In addition, the Human Resources department can easily create reports on workforce monitoring, as well as labor distribution and movement, despite the complexity of the OLAP database: 7 cubes and 25 dimensions.

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