Pro Natura, the Organic Food leader improves piloting of performance with BristolReport.

Purchasing, Selling, Finance and Quality Departments analyzes more precisely their information.

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, announces that the organic fruits and vegetables trader, Pro Natura, uses BristolReport to improve the management of its performance.

Pro Natura, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in a few months, has become the European organic food leader in the commercialization of fruits and vegetables since the acquisition last September of the Belgian company Biomarché.

With this acquisition, Pro Natura displays a turnover of 60 million euros and strengthens its market position in Europe thanks to a new platform. With its sites and process and production subsidiaries – Britain, Morocco, Togo, Belgium – Pro Natura has the means of its ambitions. A traditional dynamic in this business knows that an average annual growth of its turnover by 20% since its inception in 1987.

Largest user of PivotTables, Pro Natura decides to go further in the analysis of its business and its finances. Excel is the preferred tool of management controllers, the solution BristolReport of BristolDecision has emerged as the best tool incorporating the spirit of PivotTables and offering unmatched quality of querying. BristolReport questions OLAP cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and returns the results in Excel and then publish them in Reporting Services.

Purchase, Sales, Finance and Quality Directions trained two days BristolReport to better use and benefit from its wealth of features.

BristolReport is a query tool without comparison in the SQL Server world“, says Cédric Rosa, Head of Pro Natura Information Systems. “It allows a great level of detail in the data analysis. We use it for example to know why some markets experiencing slowdowns to better respond.” With the help of BristolReport, the purchasing department was able to complete all of its panels by inserting more complex data to find or calculate. This tool has also helped improve the presentation of its reports.

Financial management analyzes calculated fields derived from complex data cube to better anticipate market movements.

Other directions will soon be available for dashboards business combining information from different cubes (commercial, financial and business).

With BristolReport, we get a lot more information quickly, and they are better“, says Cédric Rosa. “We can open multiple cubes in a single Excel table, for example, compare the forecast and actual. The tool is very powerful and very complete.

Pro Natura Users are working with BristolReport for a year. The next evolution will be using BristolReport mode “viewer” so that more employees have access to the reports made.

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