Philippe Nieuwbourg interview

Does it remain a place for a Reporting Independent Software Vendor?

We talk about it with François KOUKERDJINIAN, BristolDecision CEO.

BristolDecisions plays Gaulish village. But a Gaulish village who speaks internationally and has already begun to win customers located in many countries. Yes, there is a place on the market of reporting tools, clearly explains François Koukerdjinian. And he knows about Business Intelligence! Those who already have some gray hair will remember he was working already in BI in the 80s when the star of the time was called IRI Software, PC Express which became Oracle Express. But BristolDecision is far from the archaic references. The product is currently one of only compatible tools with five major BI platforms structuring the market in 2008, and its editor now opens the door for open source.

Philippe Nieuwbourg

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