The Head of Information Systems receives congratulations from the sales department for the choice of this solution combining power and ease of use.

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, simple and innovative announced that Pastacorp the second operator in the durum wheat sector in France, owner of the famous mark Lustucru chose BristolReport solution as a tool for eight strategic decision control of the business: sales, profitability, business, financial results, costs of production, factory outlets, the quality of deliveries, share analysis of linear and rear margins.

Second operator in the durum wheat sector in France, owner of the famous mark Lustucru which it operates dry pasta, Pastacorp is both semolina (100 000 tonnes of wheat per year), a producer of dry pastas, Floraline (dietetic and for babies) and couscous. Its business opportunities are retail, food service (local), export and industrial markets.

BI user since the 1990s, with Gentia and Hyperion Essbase, Pastacorp decided in 2003 to extend the use of “business intelligence” to its sales force. “The bar was high in terms of objectives because it was extracted slices of OLAP cubes to the attention of mobile business and enable them to directly access locally without connecting to the central system,” explains François Cabet Information System Manager at Pastacorp. This caused problems with our technical solutions and provisional costs so consistent. We discovered the extent of the features of SQL Server Analysis Services and, after several tests, we chose Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions that offer response times significantly more efficient. For the production and distribution of dashboards, the solution BristolReport is imposed by its simplicity and direct compatibility with Analysis Services OLAP cubes” he adds.

Other benefits which confirmed the choice of BristolReport are its user-oriented logic, conservation Excel interface with a BristolReport toolbar inserted into the spreadsheet from Microsoft, the simplicity and flexibility to add new indicators and BristolDecision personal coaching teams in the first uses of cubes. Users are happy, the sales department has even congratulated the responsible Head of Information Systems _ for choosing BristolReport. With BristolReport, management is not a reserved area. Sales managers are able to directly analyze their business to improve their results. All performance indicators are available to them: BristolReport is really a business tool” welcomes François Cabet.

Today, 40 people of the head office in Aix en Provence use BristolReport: financial control, who led the project, ensure the distribution of information, sales management and 30 sales, marketing, accounting assistants commercial and executive assistants and heads of area. There are six key points of the operation of the company which are analyzed and made available to employees via the intranet Pastacorp :

  • Sales statistics: turnover, volume discounts and taken into account from the billing data to follow the evolution monthly or yearly
  • Commercial viability: business analysis to highlight the margins and to identify the most efficient products
  • Financial results
  • Production costs
  • The factory outlets: the coupling billing / order backlog can anticipate amounts to leaving the factory on a daily basis
  • Monitoring the quality of deliveries

In early 2005, the use of BristolReport is extended to other areas :

  • linear share analysis and consumer prices: the data is entered by the sales during their visits to supermarkets and returned in BristolReport dashboards
  • rear margin analysis that correspond to the amounts of paid invoices to the medium and large retailers

For 2005, other sectors already demanding the use of BristolReport, including analysis of purchasing and production.

In a recent audit performed at Pastacorp, using BristolReport emerged as an extremely positive for performance monitoring.

With the growth of our turnover by 24% and profit before tax of 12% in 2004, BristolDecision collects the first fruits of its new investment strategy. Three axes guide our developments: Simplify by continuous innovation (funding ANVAR – U.S. and European patents) the complex process of defining the content of a report, to put it within reach of a user and then listen to our users and make them validate the suitability of our products with their needs. Finally, a total intransigence on the quality of our produce regulates the output of any new version. The response to the diverse needs of Pastacorp is a perfect illustration of the success of this strategy. We are very happy and proud that Pastacorp chose our BPM solution. Indeed, thanks to BristolReport, like many other customers, users feel less dependent on the structure of databases. Roles definition of data structures and operations are clearly divided,” says François Koukerdjinian, cofounder of BristolDecision.


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