BiXPublisher is the solution for publishing that allows a user to publish and distribute its reports simply. By automating their generation and distribution BiXPublisher frees the user and IT services hard, costly and time-consuming tasks.

While incorporating the same concepts than previous versions, BiXPublisher 7 is actually a brand new component of the BiX Software solution to automate the reporting process.

Version 7 is indeed based on a new technical architecture for more performance and unprecedented flexibility.

From a functional point of view, beyond improving existing capabilities (plugin support and Excel macros, export to PowerPoint or PDF publication to a MS Sharepoint portal, …), the new BiXPublisher was designed to offer complete flexibility and autonomy to the user.

The new approach, completely modular, allows any user, whether controller, analyst, data manager… or even IT specialist… to easily industrialize the diffusion of enterprise reporting!

With BiXPublisher 7 finally free your reporting!

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