BristolDecision, Business Intelligence and Reporting Performance ISV, announced that the group of fast food McDonald’s chose BristolReport to analyze and distribute its financial information.

Established in France for over 25 years, McDonald’s employs more than 44,000 people under his banner. McDonald’s serves an average of 1.2 million customers every day in 1085 restaurants in France, including 860 franchises. In 2006, VAT total sales in the McDonald’s France amounted to 2.7 billion euros.

When the group decided in 2007 to strengthen its analytical tools to retain only one solution in its various financial departments, the choice is Microsoft Analysis Services, introduced by the IT Department for sales analysis, purchasing and payroll, a few years ago.

If data consistency justifies this choice, financial services demanding better reporting of results in Excel, as did their former financial analysis tool. After market research of reporting solutions that work with Microsoft Analysis Services and restoring data in Excel, the choice is BristolReport.

“BristolReport is known to be the most efficient product on the market for reporting in Excel,” says Alain David, Head of Controlling of McDonald’s France.

BristolReport was chosen to bring in one document information from Group multiple Financial cubes: company restaurants finance, overhead, franchise network cost of real estate, consolidated finance and finance group of restaurants and mid-group and mid-franchises restaurants. The documents will then be posted on the Intranet and each may, depending on its needs, extend his analysis in Excel.

“The advantage of BristolReport is that each user can create new key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet its analyzes and compare data from multiple cubes in different fields,” says Josine Seramy, Project Manager at McDonald’s France. “The old tool used by controllers do not allow this or only for very experienced power-users. We won in functionality and ease of use, “added she.

More complete, BristolReport can provide a multidimensional view overall all fields, which will be available later for management.

Originally intended to finance teams, BristolReport use was extended to Business Analysis Measurement Department to analyze sales and impact marketing operations. Comprehensive reports will soon be provided to Heads of Product Marketing.

Payroll administrators also use BristolReport to analyze payroll and will be able to refine their analyzes themselves, without relying on IT. Pay Sensitive data will be kept in the service, for more privacy.

In total, one hundred users receive BristolReport licenses.

Trained in January 2008, the Business Analysis Measurement people are the first to use BristolReport. Payroll administrators will be trained in April 2008 and the controllers and financial analysts in May 2008.

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