Introduction to new management team

Mark Scanlon, the founder, majority shareholder and CEO of XLCubed Ltd will  add the roles of Chairman and CEO of BIX Software to his responsibilities.

Mark established XLCubed in 2003 after realizing why Business Users were always exporting data to Excel based on his experiences with customers at Major Oil companies at the first company he founded, IIS Ltd.   IIS had provided consulting services to the Oil industry since 1990 and specialized in latter years in delivering sophisticated Fuels Pricing software which collected vast amounts of market data which were then analysed using complex algorithms, including machine learning,  to recommend prices for each selling location.    Mark designed and developed significant elements of the commercial package that was sold into 50 countries around the world pricing both retail and b2b outlets.

Mark split his time between IIS and XLCubed until 2018 when IIS was sold to PDI, a US private equity backed large Oil industry software vendor.  XLCubed was a key part in the success of the solution as customers wanted adhoc, fast access to the rich data that the FuelsPricing application collected with datasets measured in the terrabytes.

During this period XLCubed product and customer base grew significantly such that it is recognized as one of the premier independent excel based BI tools with over 1000 customers globally.

Mark now focuses on the strategic vision of the XLCubed business and M&A activity.  In 2019,  two transactions were completed adding the IBCS based visualization technology Message from pmOne and BIX Software.

Outside of work, Mark is a keen golfer and in his younger days rarely missed the opportunity to play for Bristol University and then Wycombe Pirates Basketball club in the London leagues. This is now replaced by watching high quality basketball be it the NBA or march madness when travelling to visit customers/partners in the US.


Gary Crawford the COO of XLCubed adds the role of COO of BIX Software to his responsibilities. 

After a year in a graduate IT position within the retail sector Gary joined IIS Ltd, a consultancy focused on the Oil and Gas industry. Initially involved in the UK application support team for one of the largest oil majors he gained a wide range of exposure to different aspects of the business particularly in downstream. Gary was involved in a number tactical solutions addressing niche areas of the business, and went on to manage the application support team handling business critical applications including fuels pricing applications for both retail and business to business.

Having had responsibility for a number of large scale MIS systems, Gary was delighted to take up the opportunity to move to XLCubed and focus on the rapidly growing business intelligence arena.

As COO at XLCubed Gary has worked with corporate clients across many sectors globally, and has helped drive a successful global partner network which spans large international IT providers through to regionally focused BI players. Gary enjoys helping to steer product direction, with customer and partner input, and has a strong interest in data visualisation having spoken at a number of conferences on the topic.

Outside work Gary enjoys spending time with family and friends, and a good book or movie.  Gary enjoys most sports, particularly football though moreso as a spectator these days be it Premier League or on the sidelines at grassroots level passing on his expertise to one of his sons…


Completing the management team, Jean-Christophe Cabot is the Product Manager for BIX Software

Over the last 25 years, Jean-Christophe handled many growing responsibilities from Support Specialist, Training Department Manager, BI Consultant, Pre-Sales Engineer, Pre-Sales Manager, Principal Consultant and Product Manager.

During these years, Jean-Christophe endorsed various roles in order to serve major international companies such as as Oracle, Crédit Agricole, Airbus, Carrefour, Auchan, Axa, Alcatel, Edf, L’Oréal, MCDonald’s, Google, Pfizer, Cap Gemini, Caisse d’Epargne, Kantar World Panel or Société Générale.

Originally from a business training background, his interested in technology led him to develop several areas of expertise related to the BI space.  From BI solution deployment, to sophisticated modeling or software development, he rallies both expertise from technology and business operations stand point.

Jean-Christophe is thrilled to join a team of people with the same mindset, dedicated to serve business users thanks to new exciting technologies.

When not at work, Jean-Christophe is fortunate to often share his deep interests for jazz, travel and sport with some dear friends or his wonderful children.

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