Fujifilm France analyzes with financial and commercial profitability with BristolReport of BristolDecision.

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, simple and innovative, announces that the French subsidiary of Japanese camera manufacturer Fujifilm chose BristolReport to analyze the profitability of its products.

World leader in digital imaging, Fujifilm is one of the pioneers of digital medical imaging, and is today the leading digital minilabs. The company employs 220 people in France dedicated to the distribution of Fujifilm products. Marketing Officer, Codification & Synthesis Division and Financial Management are experienced users of BI tools for several years. The IT department is interested in early OLAP technologies. Disappointed by the offerings of the major publishers allowing only limited export in Excel, Fujifilm France began looking for a new offer robust full use OLAP cubes and enabling the integration and use of the results in the spreadsheet Microsoft widely used by the users. BristolDecision Solution meet its criteria, it has been tested and immediately used.

With BristolReport, profitability cubes created by the IT Department are seen through the window Excel for further handling.

Not only BristolReport provides consultation in Excel, but in addition, it promotes simulation that offers little market offer“, said Dominique Maujard. “We were attracted by the tool but also by BristolDecision sales teams very aware of our business issues, bringing us real solutions.

Today, Financial Management, Sales Management and the Coding & Synthesis Department use BristolReport to do simulations to budgets and business objectives and analyze the profitability of product lines. Users particularly appreciate the flexibility of presentation of results and the ability to refine the analysis by accurate selections data to handle.

This use is generalized to product managers who are equally appropriate the tool easy. Fujifilm France plans to deploy more widely publishing module, to enable them to create their marketing plans targeting the population client, analyze the market using historical and fixing sales targets based on market analysis.

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