BiXSoftware releases BiXPublisher 8.1

To complement the new relational query capabilities introduced in BiX Analytics 8.1, BiX Software announces a major update to BiX Publisher.

BiXPublisher, which takes full advantage of all the capabilities of BiX’s reporting engine, allows you to simply define the rules for managing your company’s reports. BiX Publisher frees the business user from repetitive tasks by completely automating the refresh and distribution of his analyses and dashboards.

The new version 8.1 of BiX Publisher now supports new non-Olap data sources and making it possible to manage the automation of reporting on relational sources. This version also offers an improvement in performance, a new management of memory consumption as well as new possibilities to centralise the configuration of multiple batches of publication.

With BiXPublisher 8.1, finally free your reporting!


In 50 years, the Carrefour Group has become a world leader in the retail sector. The second largest retailer in the world and the largest in Europe, the Group now features four major grocery retail formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry and convenience stores. The Carrefour Group currently has over 9 990 company-owned and franchise stores.

Discover through 2 videos how CARREFOUR uses BiX Software solutions for financial reporting. Thierry VINAY and Eric ABOUZEID, both belonging to the Financial Controlling department, explain in the first video in French, and in the second video in english, the reasons for the choice of BiXAnalytics and the gains recognized.

Partnership AGT

BiX Software and AGT signed a partnership and offer a SaaS solution for business and services networks

BiX Software, french editor of Business Intelligence software, announced a technological and commercial partnership with AGT, editor of management solutions, leadership and decision support, in SaaS, for retail and services sales network.

More than 16 000 outlets now benefit from AGT Retail solution, which allows them to monitor their activity in real time from a browser or from a tablet, and to “benchmarking” from simple indicators shared and understandable.

“The relationship between AGT Retail and BiX Software are based on a longstanding trust and mutual recognition of our expertise. When we felt a need to bring new reporting functionality on demand, it is natural that we turned to Bix Software” explains Laurent Dubernais, President of AGT Group.

“Our two solutions are complementary,” says Frédéric Koukerdjinian, COO at BiX Software. “Our software BiXAnalytics, BiXWeb and BiXPublisher are particularly popular for quick and easy publication of dashboards on demand, from users predilections tools. AGT brings its know-how in the field of franchisees, cooperatives, integrated and mixed networks of retail. Our partnership is actually technological and commercial: we provide an additional tool and they give us an opening to a very specific market.”

More than 50 brands use AGT Retail solutions, which include Intersport, RIPA, Mr Bricolage, Casino Nearby, Thomas Cook Travel, Best Western, and Midas.

BristolDecision becomes BiX Software


“Bristol Deicision has brought so many innovations to excel-based analytics, it was only fair that its name and logo got their share of changes”, said Frederic Koukerdinian, COO at BiX Software.

Along with this marketing facelift, the Paris based firm also engaged in international developments, starting with the US, with the creation of a Silicon Valley presence.

“We sell to fortune 500 companies such as L’Oréal, Carrefour group, CapGemini, McDonald’s, Google,… across all industries. Our solutions receive great user support and we deliver consistently the reporting efficiency and accuracy that controllers are waiting for. This new name and logo give a better representation of who we are” said Frédéric Koukerdinian.

The BiX name is simple and snappy like the products feel to users. The multiple planes above and below the BiX name in the logo bring forward the concepts of multi dimensions, multi point of view, multi source and reporting versatility brought by the solution.

“We are very proud of this new turn for the company. With the support of our strong install base, no doubt that it is another great story that we are about to write” concluded Frédéric Koukerdinian.

BiX Software ( brings analytics directly to your spreadsheets with built in selectors and filters to explore your data with ease. With calculations performed at the data source level, users benefit from a speed and data processing power unmatchable by their PC. Business KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are created and shared with confidence and accuracy within BiX, without relying on hard-to-maintain cell based logic. BiX Software is made easy and efficient with seamless publications to Excel workbooks, pdf, web pages or mobile devices. By connecting all major analytics solutions on the market to Microsoft Excel or Web browsers, BiX brings a sustainable and user-friendly interface to front line users across all lines of business.

About us

At BiX Software we constantly innovate to make Business Intelligence simpler and to empower you to run and deploy reporting and analytics with ease.

With BiX, you remain in your favourite work environment: your spreadsheet or your browser, where all the BiX functionalities are run for robust and comprehensive reporting and analytics. In just one click you can safely publish your analysis as a spreadsheet or a dynamic webpage on your intranet.

Thousands of users around the world provide us with feedback everyday contributing to make BiX one of the best spreadsheet and web reporting solution on the market.


BiX covers the complete reporting cycle.

It enables you to track, measure and report your activity across all lines of business with a combination of high-level dashboards and complex focused analysis, in one single document, be that a spreadsheet or a browser page.

Metrics and key indicators from your data cubes are available for slicing and dicing and can be expressed in any of Excel’s tables or charts. You can also create and share indicators with confidence within BiX by creating powerful calcs and filters that don’t rely on cell logic.

Whether you build or publish report, BiX empowers you to react quickly and adjust to the evolving requirements of the business without IT support or complex server scripting.

BiXAnalytics is specifically designed to give any user the ability to answer questions brought him by management or customers.
The BiX software suite contains 3 products :


BiX Software Engineers and Consultants will support your internal and / or external teams, with their expertise in BiX and reporting best practices.

They will not only help you build solid reports or design interactive dashboards, but they will also ensure the efficiency and sustainability of your process.


BiX organises training sessions tailored to your profile and needs either in BiX’s office or on site.

Our standard program, that covers a complete discovery of BiXAnalytics, runs over 4 days that can be organized in a 2×2 day format.

For new releases, we also organize sessions to help you upgrade and make the most of our latest features.

We can also design trainings that match your needs, whether you are looking for a refresher class or a focus on specific features.


Even if BiX Software is easy to use and intended to be user friendly, it may sometimes be better to rely on the expertise of the BiX Software Consultants to speed up the implementation of a project or to ensure the quality and sustainability of implemented dashboards.

To meet these requirements, BiX Software supports its customers and partners by providing its services to make the most of the software’s many features.

These services are divided into three categories :


We support both our users and IT departments.

Whether you are looking for support for a particular functionality or a reporting challenge, or you need to address technical challenges in your environment or your install, our BiX experts are at your disposal.

BiX Support is available by email and phone to all customers with active maintenance contract.

Support will also provide you with corrective and minor software updates when needed.

We care for our user community and support is a critical service for us, not only to make you successful but also to capture your feedback and make BiX a product that evolves with your needs.

Never hesitate to contact us!