BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, announces that Crédit Agricole Structured Asset Management (CASAM), has selected its offer to allow easy access to query multidimensional cubes in Analysis Services, Microsoft BI platform.

Subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, Crédit Agricole Structured Asset Management (CASAM) is a joint venture between Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank and Crédit Agricole Asset Management. CASAM is specialized in the development of a comprehensive management structured, managed accounts and alternative-Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF).

In 2006, CASAM creates a data warehouse, and develops new multidimensional cubes. In this context, multidimensionnal analysis has become a necessity for businesses as client servicing leading the IT Department to seek a flexible and efficient solution for querying Microsoft Analysis Services cubes. BristolDecision was chosen for its simplicity of implementation and use.

Simplicity and performance are the strengths that we were immediately attracted into the BristolReport solution“, explains François Delaleu, IT Manager and Logistics CASAM. “This excellent turnkey solution has caught our attention. After evaluated in several services, users have validated our choice.

Today BristolReport is used daily in the production of customers reports.

The Client Servicing teams wanted to be independent to be more responsive. With BristolReport, they design their own reports and then entrust the production automation in BristolPublisher in the IT. Bristol provides reports in multiple formats (Excel, PDF …), “says François Delaleu. “The tool is easy to use, powerful and flexible.”

BristolReport simplified the creation of reporting, making it less expensive and much more flexible in evolutionary maintenance.

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