BiXAnalytics designs and publishes your reports and dashboards with ease.

It runs in Excel and follows the same standards as your spreadsheets, enabling fast learning curve for all user levels.

You are guided by assistants throughout the design or refresh of your reports and always benefit from the full Excel feature range.

BiXAnalytics brings autonomy to users across levels and line of business. Controllers, Analysts, Directors of Sales, Heads of Marketing or Supply Chain Managers can all benefit from instant indicator access, analytics capabilities and easy publishing.

You are empowered to apply your business logic while keeping underlying cube integrity intact thanks to the definition of calcs and report template within BiXAnalytics without touching the cube structure. You also gain consistency by leveraging BiXAnalytics powerfull tool set and avoiding getting into complex and error prone cell based spreadsheet developments.

Reporting Efficiency is dramatically improved from start to finish. You can leverage templates you created for each new analysis. Report refresh and filtering is made seamless with dropdown selectors for the dimensions of your choice. Publication of your analysis to spreadsheet or a web page is then just 1 click away.

No more repetitive copy-paste, vlookups or complex macros. Your documents are kept lean and accurate and flexible to accomadate the constantly evolving requirements of your job.

BiXAnalytics leverages user-defined “Infosets” where you choose the point of view and the information set you want to analyze or report from in your spreadsheet.

Your data now safely lives in Excel. Dataset selection can either be static, dynamic or controlled as you open the document. Datasets can be enriched with comments, formats and also write-back to cube when granted access.

As you refresh or expand selections, Bix never overwrites your formulas, or comments and makes room by inserting rows and columns if needed.

Your formulas and filers are not based on fragil cell references but leverage solid cube logic for fast and sustainable calcs.

You can also work with several Infosets at the same time. This innovative feature empowers you to bring together information from different aspects of your business within one single spreadsheet and connect data together to deliver breadth and depth in your analysis.

Readers will then access the reports you built without any technical prerequisits and just browse through your documents naturally.

With BiXAnalytics, your reporting becomes simple, intuitive, reliable and efficient.


BiXWeb takes BiXAnalytics power to the web.

With BiXWeb, you can easily build your reports in your favorite browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome).

As you navigate through your data, you can also add your own data and write back to the cubes within a secured framework.

Your Excel or web documents can then be made available in a web portal for instant and secure reporting.


Automate your reporting process with BiXPublisher

BiXPublisher is the perfect companion for BiXAnalytics. It automates the internal or external distribution of your reports and dashboards. Publication can be made in several media types, such as printouts (booklets, memos…), web pages on a portal, emails to targeted consumers, PowerPoint, etc.

BiXPublisher also provides mechanisms for automating repetitive publishing tasks either controlled by the user or by a task scheduler.