BiXPublisher is the solution for publishing that allows a user to publish and distribute its reports simply. By automating their generation and distribution BiXPublisher frees the user and IT services hard, costly and time-consuming tasks.

While incorporating the same concepts than previous versions, BiXPublisher 7 is actually a brand new component of the BiX Software solution to automate the reporting process.

Version 7 is indeed based on a new technical architecture for more performance and unprecedented flexibility.

From a functional point of view, beyond improving existing capabilities (plugin support and Excel macros, export to PowerPoint or PDF publication to a MS Sharepoint portal, …), the new BiXPublisher was designed to offer complete flexibility and autonomy to the user.

The new approach, completely modular, allows any user, whether controller, analyst, data manager… or even IT specialist… to easily industrialize the diffusion of enterprise reporting!

With BiXPublisher 7 finally free your reporting!

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In 50 years, the Carrefour Group has become a world leader in the retail sector. The second largest retailer in the world and the largest in Europe, the Group now features four major grocery retail formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry and convenience stores. The Carrefour Group currently has over 9 990 company-owned and franchise stores.

Discover through 2 videos how CARREFOUR uses BiX Software solutions for financial reporting. Thierry VINAY and Eric ABOUZEID, both belonging to the Financial Controlling department, explain in the first video in French, and in the second video in english, the reasons for the choice of BiXAnalytics and the gains recognized.


Bix Software, French software vendor in Business Intelligence, announces its presence at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover on stand K17, Hall 6 in the France Pavilion.

Bix Software wants to use the world’s largest event dedicated to the numerical to link new international partnerships with IT companies or consulting firms working on projects in Business Intelligence (BI) and software editors wishing to enrich their software with a Reporting and Analysis solution , dedicated to end-users.

“We will accelerate our international expansion,” explains Frédéric Koukerdjinian, COO at BiX Software. “25% of our turnover is generated outside the hexagon, often for French and European companies that deploy our solutions in their subsidiaries. Bix solutions are already used in Asia and North America. And we want to give a new dynamic to our international sales through new partners around the world, but also closer to Europe, Germany, Belgium and Italy.”

Its flagship product, BiXAnalytics enables simple or advanced analysis directly into Excel with calculations at the server database, providing faster and better processing power engines OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing).

Already some software such as AGT, a French management solutions, leadership and decision support, in SaaS mode for networks of shops and services, and PrecisionPoint, British editor of BI solutions for users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX have integrated BiXAnalytics features to their tools.

(updated – 03/11/2013)

Partnership AGT

BiX Software and AGT signed a partnership and offer a SaaS solution for business and services networks

BiX Software, french editor of Business Intelligence software, announced a technological and commercial partnership with AGT, editor of management solutions, leadership and decision support, in SaaS, for retail and services sales network.

More than 16 000 outlets now benefit from AGT Retail solution, which allows them to monitor their activity in real time from a browser or from a tablet, and to “benchmarking” from simple indicators shared and understandable.

“The relationship between AGT Retail and BiX Software are based on a longstanding trust and mutual recognition of our expertise. When we felt a need to bring new reporting functionality on demand, it is natural that we turned to Bix Software” explains Laurent Dubernais, President of AGT Group.

“Our two solutions are complementary,” says Frédéric Koukerdjinian, COO at BiX Software. “Our software BiXAnalytics, BiXWeb and BiXPublisher are particularly popular for quick and easy publication of dashboards on demand, from users predilections tools. AGT brings its know-how in the field of franchisees, cooperatives, integrated and mixed networks of retail. Our partnership is actually technological and commercial: we provide an additional tool and they give us an opening to a very specific market.”

More than 50 brands use AGT Retail solutions, which include Intersport, RIPA, Mr Bricolage, Casino Nearby, Thomas Cook Travel, Best Western, and Midas.

BristolDecision becomes BiX Software


“Bristol Deicision has brought so many innovations to excel-based analytics, it was only fair that its name and logo got their share of changes”, said Frederic Koukerdinian, COO at BiX Software.

Along with this marketing facelift, the Paris based firm also engaged in international developments, starting with the US, with the creation of a Silicon Valley presence.

“We sell to fortune 500 companies such as L’Oréal, Carrefour group, CapGemini, McDonald’s, Google,… across all industries. Our solutions receive great user support and we deliver consistently the reporting efficiency and accuracy that controllers are waiting for. This new name and logo give a better representation of who we are” said Frédéric Koukerdinian.

The BiX name is simple and snappy like the products feel to users. The multiple planes above and below the BiX name in the logo bring forward the concepts of multi dimensions, multi point of view, multi source and reporting versatility brought by the solution.

“We are very proud of this new turn for the company. With the support of our strong install base, no doubt that it is another great story that we are about to write” concluded Frédéric Koukerdinian.

BiX Software ( brings analytics directly to your spreadsheets with built in selectors and filters to explore your data with ease. With calculations performed at the data source level, users benefit from a speed and data processing power unmatchable by their PC. Business KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are created and shared with confidence and accuracy within BiX, without relying on hard-to-maintain cell based logic. BiX Software is made easy and efficient with seamless publications to Excel workbooks, pdf, web pages or mobile devices. By connecting all major analytics solutions on the market to Microsoft Excel or Web browsers, BiX brings a sustainable and user-friendly interface to front line users across all lines of business.

BristolReport V6

We are pleased to announce the official launch of a new  MAJOR version (V6) of BristolReport.

Two completely new modules enrich BristolReport offering. The attached document details the innovations and improvements in this new version.

In summary, gere are some of these innovations :

  • Bristol FormatDesigner (the first new module) to format your reports exactly the way you want
  •  The Axis Selector (the second new module) to filter multiple dimensions at once. It takes the ease and power of the existing dimension selector to extend filtering capabilities of BristolReport
  • Parentheses in the selector to impose evaluation order filters
  • “External” Selections: new filtering principle to garantee consistency of all states of reporting
  • Totals, subtotals and grand totals as a single option box
  • Comments related to data
  • Calculations on named filters
  • Document Calculations
  • The List display mode
  • etc…

All this improves as well the ease of daily use and addresses the needs of the most advanced reporting.

We thank all our customers who participated in the Beta program BristolReport 6 and tested this version in their environments.


BristolDecision, Business Intelligence and Reporting Performance ISV, announced that the group of fast food McDonald’s chose BristolReport to analyze and distribute its financial information.

Established in France for over 25 years, McDonald’s employs more than 44,000 people under his banner. McDonald’s serves an average of 1.2 million customers every day in 1085 restaurants in France, including 860 franchises. In 2006, VAT total sales in the McDonald’s France amounted to 2.7 billion euros.

When the group decided in 2007 to strengthen its analytical tools to retain only one solution in its various financial departments, the choice is Microsoft Analysis Services, introduced by the IT Department for sales analysis, purchasing and payroll, a few years ago.

If data consistency justifies this choice, financial services demanding better reporting of results in Excel, as did their former financial analysis tool. After market research of reporting solutions that work with Microsoft Analysis Services and restoring data in Excel, the choice is BristolReport.

“BristolReport is known to be the most efficient product on the market for reporting in Excel,” says Alain David, Head of Controlling of McDonald’s France.

BristolReport was chosen to bring in one document information from Group multiple Financial cubes: company restaurants finance, overhead, franchise network cost of real estate, consolidated finance and finance group of restaurants and mid-group and mid-franchises restaurants. The documents will then be posted on the Intranet and each may, depending on its needs, extend his analysis in Excel.

“The advantage of BristolReport is that each user can create new key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet its analyzes and compare data from multiple cubes in different fields,” says Josine Seramy, Project Manager at McDonald’s France. “The old tool used by controllers do not allow this or only for very experienced power-users. We won in functionality and ease of use, “added she.

More complete, BristolReport can provide a multidimensional view overall all fields, which will be available later for management.

Originally intended to finance teams, BristolReport use was extended to Business Analysis Measurement Department to analyze sales and impact marketing operations. Comprehensive reports will soon be provided to Heads of Product Marketing.

Payroll administrators also use BristolReport to analyze payroll and will be able to refine their analyzes themselves, without relying on IT. Pay Sensitive data will be kept in the service, for more privacy.

In total, one hundred users receive BristolReport licenses.

Trained in January 2008, the Business Analysis Measurement people are the first to use BristolReport. Payroll administrators will be trained in April 2008 and the controllers and financial analysts in May 2008.


Auchan chooses BristolReport of BristolDecision as multidimensional reporting solution for financial controlling project of the Holding Auchan.

BristolDecision, BI analysis and reporting of performance ISV, today announced that Groupe Auchan has chosen BristolReport for Excel solution as multidimensional analysis and reporting for AUCHAN financial controlling project.

Family business unlisted Auchan has a policy of gradual and controlled international growth, and focuses its investments on priority development areas: Western Europe, Central Europe and East and Asia. Auchan has 296 hypermarkets in 12 countries or regions.

In 2007, Auchan Department of Business Intelligence has conducted a review of technical choice to select a front multidimensional analysis solution for Microsoft Analysis Services 2005. The choice was made on BristolReport to Excel for group financial controlling project in addition to Microsoft ProClarity for other projects requiring web deployment.

BristolReport to Excel has been very effective against other solutions on the market aspects, as follows :

  • Its seamless integration into Excel
  • Its overall simplicity of use
  • The possibility of producing asymmetric reporting
  • The ability to create reports from multi-cubes and synchronize dimensions from different cubes with each other

Financials controllers like the Excel interface but enjoy as much autonomy with which they can handle BristolReport to create their own indicators.


SAS announced the porting of the BI Analytical Reporting solution BristolReport on SAS® OLAP Server

Offers complementary to better take advantage data from SAS® OLAP Server

SAS, the leader in business intelligence, today announced the porting of the BI Analytical Reporting solution BristolReport on SAS® OLAP Server directed by BristolDecision, with the support of SAS.

All features that make the originality of the solution BristolReport on OLAP databases are now available on SAS® OLAP Server. At the forefront of these features, especially appreciated by users for their ease of use :

  • Design business reports and advanced analytics from one or more SAS ® OLAP cubes
  • Selection or multi-step filtering by successive refinements
  • User definition of new metrics or KPIs

“This complementarity between our two offers is part of the new strategy of openness of our society,” said François Koukerdjinian BristolDecision CEO. “We are very pleased with this partnership with SAS, a recognized leader in the business intelligence market. Existing and futures users of the SAS platform will benefit from the added value of the BristolReport solution.”

“The integration of Bristol Report on SAS® OLAP Server platform demonstrates the openness of the platform that meets the standard MDX OLAP market. This integration will provide our customers with additional capabilities for advanced reporting in Microsoft Excel for users as analysts profiles who need to assemble indicators developed from several data marts. It also allows BristolReport users to benefit from a powerful OLAP technology and portable to Windows, UNIX, Linux and OS/390,” said Marcel Lemahieu, Head of SAS BI.

Philippe Nieuwbourg interview

Does it remain a place for a Reporting Independent Software Vendor?

We talk about it with François KOUKERDJINIAN, BristolDecision CEO.

BristolDecisions plays Gaulish village. But a Gaulish village who speaks internationally and has already begun to win customers located in many countries. Yes, there is a place on the market of reporting tools, clearly explains François Koukerdjinian. And he knows about Business Intelligence! Those who already have some gray hair will remember he was working already in BI in the 80s when the star of the time was called IRI Software, PC Express which became Oracle Express. But BristolDecision is far from the archaic references. The product is currently one of only compatible tools with five major BI platforms structuring the market in 2008, and its editor now opens the door for open source.

Philippe Nieuwbourg