Dashboards prepared by the Financial Control to analyze the results and net banking income of the Caisse d’Epargne PACR.

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, simple and innovative, announces that the Financial Control of the Caisse d’Epargne Provence Alpes Corse Reunion uses BristolReport to guide the choices of board members.

The Caisse d’Epargne Group is now positioned in the leading universal banks. With its extensive network, the Crédit Foncier and its specialized subsidiaries, the Group occupies a prominent place among retail banks. Caisse d’Epargne Provence Alpes Corse Reunion manages accounts of more than 2 million customers, including 6,900 professionals, 18,200 associations, 1,200 communities, public institutions and territorial social housing organizations, more than 300 SMEs companies and more than 220 000 members. Garant of the reliability of data management of the company, the Financial Control verifies that the results are consistent with the objectives set by management.

To better analyze the results and net banking income of the Caisse d’Epargne Provence Alpes Corse Reunion, the Financial Control sought a new solution for Business Performance Management more flexible than the solution used until 2004. The Microsoft BI solution is chosen for its ease of implementation and performance. It is applied to four specific areas including dashboards statements are sent to members of the Management Board, the Caisse Nationale, and are also broken down per unit of production (agencies) as follows:

  • Credit for the monitoring of lending as well as inventory management and outstanding.
  • Customer Deposits for payments, withdrawals and stocks of booklets, Insurance, Securities Accounts, etc..
  • The Pricing, corresponding to the perceptions of all financial benefits.
  • Services, banking, equipment etc..

To guide the most efficient way possible decisions of the Management, the Financial Control must identify indicators (which products, what structures, which customer segments …) that are consistent or inconsistent with the objectives that the company has set. After a quick tour of the market, the solution BristolReport of BristolDecision is chosen for its ability to zoom in on the data in OLAP cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services from Microsoft. It appeals both IT and users for its ease of use and speed of implementation. The possibility of linking several areas of analysis in a single dashboard and simplicity to define additional indicators are also critical in the choice that is made. Cubes used by the Financial Control contain between 5 and 7 different analysis axes and the larger cube has 60 indicators.BristolReport is the only solution that allows to combine several reports of information from several different cubes in a single Excel worksheet. It is essential for financial controllers of the Caisse d’Epargne.“Says Benoit Laroche, Project Manager. Some reports accumulate up to 20 connections on a single sheet BristolReport. The controllers without computer training, consulting data easily with the ergonomic GUI solution BristolDecision. The operating control sees discharged updates databases and data quality is much better.

Thanks to BristolReport the financial and business results as well as Net Banking Income of each of the components mentioned above, credit, collection, pricing and services are analyzed by product, by agency, by market, customer portfolio , and time. BristolReport brings a new dimension to the classic features of Excel. Without this tool, it would be impossible to summarize in a single report for all cubes, which are essential for the calculation of net banking income,“says Albert ALLOUCHE, Head of IS Project Department.

We made a bet to develop and bring to market a simple tool that is designed for users to meet the functional requirements for the development and diffusion of business. dashboards We are pleased to see how the Financial Control of the Caisse d’Epargne Provence Alpes Corse Reunion was completely appropriate BristolReport to analyze its banking and direct selection of members of the Executive Board of the Fund” said Director of Sales and Marketing BristolDecision.

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