BristolWebServer (BWS) at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Stand 506 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from 11 to 13 July 2006

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV of a solution for Business Performance Management, simple and innovative, announces its participation as a Gold Certified Partner in the “Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2006″ in Boston from 11 to 13 July 2006. BristolDecision take the opportunity to introduce its new Bristol Web Server (BWS).

BWS is a web portal that provides access, thin client mode, to dashboards built in Excel. The level of functionality is identical to that proposed in BristolReport for Excel. The user can also analyze data directly to create their own dashboards and distribute or share as permission levels. BristolReport and BWS communicate via a Web Service.

BWS builds on the strengths appreciated by users BristolReport, including:

  • Selector to apply filters to successive members of a dimension with verbs such as add, delete, store, etc..
  • The ability for a user to easily define new members on all dimensions (product, geography, organization or measurement) using arithmetic formulas or calculating changes in accumulated a year compared to the previous or a contribution to profit.
  • The link between basic tables called InfoSets for designing dashboards that meet the functional needs of users.

From a technical point of view, BWS is based on the latest Ajax technologies to provide ergonomics to the user while optimizing resources used on the server and network bandwidth.

The feedback from the first customers is very positive. This new software is very well received by users who appreciate BristolDecision ongoing efforts made by the editor in the sense of always easier access to information in a decision-making context, its analysis and dissemination within the company.

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