BristolReport V6

We are pleased to announce the official launch of a new  MAJOR version (V6) of BristolReport.

Two completely new modules enrich BristolReport offering. The attached document details the innovations and improvements in this new version.

In summary, gere are some of these innovations :

  • Bristol FormatDesigner (the first new module) to format your reports exactly the way you want
  •  The Axis Selector (the second new module) to filter multiple dimensions at once. It takes the ease and power of the existing dimension selector to extend filtering capabilities of BristolReport
  • Parentheses in the selector to impose evaluation order filters
  • “External” Selections: new filtering principle to garantee consistency of all states of reporting
  • Totals, subtotals and grand totals as a single option box
  • Comments related to data
  • Calculations on named filters
  • Document Calculations
  • The List display mode
  • etc…

All this improves as well the ease of daily use and addresses the needs of the most advanced reporting.

We thank all our customers who participated in the Beta program BristolReport 6 and tested this version in their environments.

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