BristolReport and the five major OLAP engines

BristolDecision, Analysis and Reporting ISV, announces porting BristolReport on the five major OLAP engines.

After the recent consolidations of the BI market, OLAP engines are now concentrating on five platforms (in alphabetical order) IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and SAS.

BristolDecision is pleased to announce the availability of BristolReport on all these platforms. “All the innovative features that our users appreciate, such as the simple design of unsymmetrical reporting, multi-step filtering, data definition on the fly, when necessary, of new KPI, and finally, the wide diffusion capacity of these reports are now available for all OLAP servers. BristolReport optimizes queries generated based commands supported by each OLAP servers”, says co-founder BristolDecision.

In addition, it is now possible for a user connected to different platforms depending on the nature of the consulted information (Finance, Commercial, HR, etc.) to have a single interface to access information. In addition, in case of the migration of the BI Ingormation System from one platform to another, the user retains the same reporting software. This facilitates change management. This new version of BristolReport becomes the universal OLAP reporting solution that addresses end user to bring him autonomy and responsiveness.

The first tests running on Mondrian also seem promising.

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