BristolDecision becomes BiX Software


“Bristol Deicision has brought so many innovations to excel-based analytics, it was only fair that its name and logo got their share of changes”, said Frederic Koukerdinian, COO at BiX Software.

Along with this marketing facelift, the Paris based firm also engaged in international developments, starting with the US, with the creation of a Silicon Valley presence.

“We sell to fortune 500 companies such as L’Oréal, Carrefour group, CapGemini, McDonald’s, Google,… across all industries. Our solutions receive great user support and we deliver consistently the reporting efficiency and accuracy that controllers are waiting for. This new name and logo give a better representation of who we are” said Frédéric Koukerdinian.

The BiX name is simple and snappy like the products feel to users. The multiple planes above and below the BiX name in the logo bring forward the concepts of multi dimensions, multi point of view, multi source and reporting versatility brought by the solution.

“We are very proud of this new turn for the company. With the support of our strong install base, no doubt that it is another great story that we are about to write” concluded Frédéric Koukerdinian.

BiX Software ( brings analytics directly to your spreadsheets with built in selectors and filters to explore your data with ease. With calculations performed at the data source level, users benefit from a speed and data processing power unmatchable by their PC. Business KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are created and shared with confidence and accuracy within BiX, without relying on hard-to-maintain cell based logic. BiX Software is made easy and efficient with seamless publications to Excel workbooks, pdf, web pages or mobile devices. By connecting all major analytics solutions on the market to Microsoft Excel or Web browsers, BiX brings a sustainable and user-friendly interface to front line users across all lines of business.

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