Wholesaler of office furniture targets the lean with solutions BristolDecision.

BristolDecision, Business Intellignece ISV, simple and innovative, announces that the wholesale office furniture Brevidex choose BristolReport to create and distribute graphical piloting dashboards for its resellers and 2 factories.

Partner of 1500 resellers, BREVIDEX, creator of the concept Stockist-Catalogist in office furnitures manages 25,000 m² of stocks and ensures the provision of 60,000 commercial references in a week throughout Europe. Treatment is fully computerized and “traceability” is internet consultation.

Willing to help its resellers, Brevidex decided to provide weekly statistics with graphs that track sales. Sales data are organized in Microsoft Analysis Services cubes. Soon the choice is the solution of Business Performance Management, BristolReport of BristolDecision, to query data.It’s the production flexibility of graphs of BristolReport that hit us. Now 300 resellers of Brevidex access clear and ergonomic graphs, easy to read, via our website.” said Franck Scholtes, IT Manager at Brevidex. Web access was secured by the teams. By identifying the dealer accesses the graphics on its annual target, sales and sales by product family, as well as the proportion of purchases or off promotions.

On the other hand, every day, dashboards are automatically generated for the members of management and sales forces of Brevidex. Every night ERP feeds SQL Server 2000 with data and BristolReport queries OLAP cubes to reproduce this data in the form of ergonomic reports sent by e-mail. The solution BristolReport is so easy to use and so effective it is also used by the Financial Controllers and the Marketing Division that shape their dashboards to their specific needs.” adds Franck Scholtes.

Supporter of lean, Brevidex proposes a third use of BristolReport, feeding its two factories in information on stocks and orders, to anticipate its production. The plants are knowledgeable about the products out and can start manufacturing in order to meet deadlines provision, ie a week.

Every weekend, BristolReport creates 130,000 graphics. The treatment lasts 8 hours on a server with a Pentium 4 of 1.4 GHz.

We are very happy that our BI solution, BristolReport is used by different businesses to help companies improve their performance through better monitoring of actual and objectives. This demonstrates its ease of use and implementation implemented here through an extranet.” welcomes François Koukerdjinian, cofounder of BristolDecision. “Like our customers, we believe BristolReport provides a competitive advantage and we are proud to help Brevidex achieve feats in terms of deadlines for the provision of its office furniture.

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