BiXSoftware releases BiXAnalytics 8

BiX Software is proud to unveil BiXAnalytics 8 for Microsoft Excel.

BiXAnalytics 8 enables a direct response, from Microsoft Excel, to all the restitution needs of a company using Microsoft BI tools (SQL Server), from operational reports to strategic dashboards, including analysis and data visualisation.
BiX Software propels Microsoft Excel to the rank of a true Business Intelligence solution, adding powerful and useful analysis and dashboard functionality.

Improving user productivity has been a key concern throughout this version’s development cycle. BiXAnalytics version 8 offers more autonomy to the user to build and automate analyses and dashboards with lots more value. It becomes easier to respond to constantly and rapidly evolving business needs.

The improvements made to the connection management and the query generator offer a very significant performance gain in many uses.
Support for querying relational data and flat files (.CSV, .TXT, XLS, XLSX files, etc.), as well as the ability to synchronise them with the data from the cubes offers completely new perspectives to users.

Among the other important developments, the brand new synchronisation management of “InfoSets” is noteworthy. It offers unprecedented capability regarding the consistency of data from multiple sources, the greater flexibility of arrangement of filters, support for different conditional formatting styles in Excel, and further development of the publishing wizard.

BiXAnalytics 8 is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel from 2007 onwards, with SQL Server from 2000 and with the main OLAP engines on the market (EssBase, Oracle Olap, TM1, SAS Olap Server, …).
Regarding relational sources, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle (from version 8) and MySQL are supported.


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