BiX and PrecisionPoint

BIX Software and PrecisionPoint are pleased to announce the renewal of the partnership in January 2020.  BIX has provided our standard Excel based OLAP reporting for a number of year now and our customers enjoy the simplicity of use and the capability to produce sophisticated financial reports with ease.  PrecisionPoint’s CEO, Andrew Mennie  said  “We are particularly pleased to see the news about the recent acquisition of BIX by XLCubed and excited to hear about the forward plans. The product is used extensively across our global customer base and partner network and to hear the commitment to continued high quality support was important to us and we have already seen this in action.  Hearing about future roadmap integrating elements of XLCubed Technology including Microcharts is a really positive message.“

BIX Software and XLCubed  COO,  Gary Crawford said “I am happy to see the endorsement to our BIX Software strategy from PrecisionPoint who are an important customer and we look forward to working with them and their customers to deliver added value.  The synergies between the XLCubed and BIX products was one of the primary reasons for the acquisition alongside enabling a direct presence in the French market.”


About PrecisionPoint

PrecisionPoint Software is a global software company with offices in both the UK and US and a customer base spanning 20 different countries in 4 continents providing the powerful combination of PrecisionPoint and Microsoft Dynamics.  We give insight and ease of reporting to all your key company data in and around Microsoft Dynamics.  The PrecisionPoint data warehouse gives a unique visualization of all the transactional data (from sales, purchasing, inventory etc.) so that you can easily spot trends, opportunities and issues.  The  single data warehouse guarantees accuracy and financial integrity as well as speed of access as it is fully integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics transactional engine.

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