BiX Analytics 8.1 supports Microsoft Analysis Services Tabular

Given the interest of many of our customers for Microsoft’s new column-oriented storage mode, BiX Software is pleased to announce that as of version 8, BiX Analytics supports connections to the tabular models of Analysis Services.

Once the name of the tabular server has been entered in the BiX Analytics connection assistant, the user returns to his usual environment. From here on, the tabular data can be queried with complete transparency. The measures, dimensions and hierarchies of the model are presented in the same way as a cube’s with an OLAP format.

BiX Analytics users with a tabular source thus have the same familiar tools to easily query the data: the modelling of business rules, such as defining dynamic filters or new sophisticated financial indicators, is done graphically, without the need for DAX or MDX languages knowledge.

Queries based on tabular models can also be synchronised with other queries in the Excel workbook, whether they are multidimensional (“InfoSet”) or relational (“InfoQuery”) sources.

BiX Software is pleased the capabilities of this new model offer new possibilities to its customers and will continue to support them, making the most of innovations offered by new data sources.


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