BristolDecision, a Business Intelligence ISV, announces that the National Agency for Employment has chosen BristolReport for his Study services and Activity Controlling. The ability to bring together data from multiple cubes, multi-stage filtering and aggregating demand, data from several employment areas, were key factors in this choice.

ANPE used for several years Business Intelligence technologies. Thus, the BI Information System is responsible for providing management tools for all levels of management at ANPE, from the Agency Director to the General Directorate, meaning 4500 users .

In 2005, those responsible for the DSS seek a solution to be more responsive to the growing demands of its users, instead of its internally developed solutions. The SAS BI solution is chosen, which will facilitate the rapprochement with Unedic foreseen in the program of the current government, as Unedic is already provided of SAS solutions.

However, if this solution is ideal for executives ANPE additional needs remain unfulfilled in terms of studies and further investigation on the part of some services at Headquarters, Regions and Departments. Thus the intersection of data from multiple OLAP cubes was necessary to better understand ANPE network activity, its results and achievements.

After reviewing several solutions, the solution BristolReport is retained by a panel of thirty users, representative of the entire target.

Our users have been immediately seduced by the possibility of reports with data from different multidimensional cubes in BristolReport with ease. In addition, the tests showed our viable performance over 200 million records (forms job seeker service, Job …). With this tool, our controllers, the project managers of departmental directorates and regional audit service, will cross the data to the finer analysis of actions ANPE,“explains Pascal Durand, project Head of the management project of the control system. “The installation is simple: just connect BristolReport with SAS BI and the tool works. We derive the benefits immediately.

Thus, all target users from ANPE (analysts, statisticians or controllers) can use BristolReport from February 2008, date of production.

BristolReport can build reports with business intelligence management controller,” adds Paul Vidal, Director of DSS.

We are pleased that sophisticated and demanding users choose the solution BristolReport, after reviewing and comparing several solutions on the market. This shows  the advance of our solutions, fruit of an ambitious program of innovation and R & D“, says François Koukerdjinian, cofounder of BristolDecision.

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