BristolReport V5 for SQL Server 2005

Version 5.0 of the design and deployment of business dashboards software provides the user with all the new SQL Server 2005.

BristolDecision, Business Intelligence ISV, simple and innovative, announces the availability of BristolReport version 5.0, based on the new SQL Server 2005. This new version will be available the same day the worldwide launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, to which BristolDecision is involved as a Gold Certified Partner, both at the Carrousel du Louvre November 8, 2005 and at Las Vegas in the United States.

Leading software solution for designing and deploying company dashboards, BristolReport 5.0 now has access to all enterprise data, regardless of type, thanks to the new architecture UDM (Unified Dimensional Model) SQL Server 2005 that enables a single view of relational and multidimensional data. By definition, functional dashboards are not symmetrical, multi-source, multi-server and multi cubes. Now all this flexibility is to serve the user with BristolReport 5.0.

New performance indicators (KPIs) included in SQL Server 2005, common to all users, are in addition to indicators defined locally by the user through BristolReport KPI Builder, improving ease of definition of the key measures of performance, reactivity and autonomy of the user needs to change and evolution.

Selection tools (BristolReport Selector) also evolve with this new version to facilitate user navigation among the growing number of attributes dimensions that complement the hierarchical dimensions and lay the bridge between the relational and multidimensional world. « With SQL Server 2005, have a real selection tool as BristolReport Selector becomes more critical than ever for a user » commented Associate Director BristolDecision.

Entering data into cubes (or « write back ») becomes a reality with SQL Server 2005 which, together with input/output and simulations functionalities of BristolReport, opens up a whole new field of applications.

BristolReport 5.0 interfaces with SSRS (Reporting Services 2005) as it did with version 2000, to enable the immediate release of dashboards in the portal, and Web access. Designing a dashboard in Excel and publish it immediately in Reporting Services is now available to any user.

Finally, BristolReport 5.0 builds on the management of multilingual names of dimensions, hierarchies and members (or metadata) by SQL Server 2005 to automatically present the data in the language of the workstation user.

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